Estimated Payment
$15,247 / month
for 60 months
$20 / weekly
for 52 weeks
*Example only. Assumes strong credit.

Startup line of credit

New Businesses and Startup Funding To Get You Off The Ground

Need capital to jump start your million dollar idea or keep it moving forward?

Finding it difficult to get a funding for your new business? We Understand. New venture capital is the hardest type of funding to obtain. The reason new venture capital is so hard to get a hold of is because of this. You have a great idea and it's the perfect opportunity at the right time. An investor is not investing in your business or your idea, an investor is investing in you.

The most important thing to understand is an investor has very little knowledge about what you will do in the future. Without a past business history, substantial assets or an excellent credit history, new businesses are risky for investors. Most banks and investors are not willing to take the chance. You will find this is why Fundshop is different.

We are one of the few companies who help new businesses obtain capital. Most people we meet fall into one of three scenarios. We find most people who fail to obtain a financial help for a new business are usually trying to get funded using the traditional method. Apply with a bank or reach out to an investor. 99% of good, qualified people with great ideas are rejected.

Here a few types of new businesses we help and and example of what you can do with the funds

Start Up

Capital to help your new business get up, running and successful.

Advertising and Marketing

Staffing and Office Space

Technology Investment

Business Purchase

Funds to help you take advantage of a rock solid opportunity.

Down Payment or Acquisition

Partnership Buy-in Capital

Franchise Investment

Business Idea

Turn the idea and dream of owning a business into reality.

Licensing, Patents and Trademarks

Business Development Costs

Make Critical Purchases

No Paperwork, No Asset, No Appraisal, No Headache

Our funding programs do not require very limited asset verification, no business appraisal and little to no paperwork. This means in some cases you apply, get an approval, sign and move on to bigger and better things. That's it. No headache. Get started today.

No Paperwork, No Asset, No Appraisal, No Headache
What our clients are saying on Trustpilot

Paul Weiss was excellent to work with. All went very smoothly and I would recommend him.

Erik Rogers

Due to our current financial limitations we had trouble getting a loan for our business to help with new inventory, marketing, and payroll. But the crew at Fundshop negotiated a great loan which will help us build business credit and allow us to attain more flexibility in the future. Thanks All!

Edmund Cordell

Fundshop did an excellent job in providing the information needed to complete the loan application and follow up. They were there every step to provide information and status of the loan which I received in record time. I have referred Fundshop to several people in past few days and will continue to refer them and work with them in the future

Dorothy Clarke

Good service!

Andy Liu

Joe was outstanding to work with! If I could give 25 stars, I would. Honest, ethical, great people to work with. They knew how to navigate the complex SBA system with ease. I felt like I was in the best hands possible. Thank you so much, Joe! :) You are truly a lifesaver! Looking forward to working with you again on our capital needs!

Don Stormo

The Fundshop process was extremely simple. And once we submitted our details, the staff was quick to respond and stay in touch throughout the entire process. Funding has never been easier! Thank you Fundshop...

Eddie Moreno