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$15,247 / month
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$20 / weekly
for 52 weeks
*Example only. Assumes strong credit.

Small Business Loans for Bad Credit

Small business owners with bad credit scores often find it challenging to secure financing. Traditional lenders often reject loan applications due to low credit scores, leaving entrepreneurs with few options. However, bad credit does not mean that you should give up on your business dreams. Fundshop offers small business loans for bad credit to help business owners access the financing they need.

What is a bad credit score?

Your credit score is a three-digit figure ranging from 300 to 850 that demonstrates your credit reliability. It is calculated based on aspects of your credit background, for example, your payment history, credit usage, and length of credit history. Generally, a bad credit score is considered to be anything below 600, which may make it tough to be eligible for standard small business loans from banks and other lending institutions. However, there are still options available for those with bad credit who need financing for their business.

At Fundshop, we specialize in providing small business loans for bad credit. Our team understands that even the most responsible business owners can face financial challenges that impact their credit score. That's why we offer flexible financing options with terms and interest rates that work for you, even with bad credit.

Types of bad credit business loans:

  • 1

    Short-Term Loans: These loans offer quick cash and are repaid within a short period, typically a few months to a year. For those enterprises unable to acquire conventional loans because of a bad credit record, short-term loans are the perfect solution for quickly obtaining funds.

  • 2

    Business lines of credit: They are an economical choice for businesses with a changing financial situation, since you just pay interest on the money you draw from this pre-set credit limit. You only pay interest on the funds you use, making it a cost-effective option for businesses with fluctuating cash flow.

  • 3

    Invoice Factoring: This is an option for businesses that have outstanding invoices. Invoice factoring involves selling unpaid invoices to a lender at a discounted rate in exchange for immediate cash.

  • 4

    Merchant Cash Advances: A merchant cash advance provides a lump sum payment in exchange for a percentage of your business's future credit card sales. Companies that require a quick infusion of cash and process a lot of credit card payments can take advantage of this alternative.

Where to get a business loan with bad credit

While traditional lenders may be hesitant to offer small business loans for bad credit, online lenders and alternative lenders are more flexible. Fundshop is one such lender that specializes in offering loans to small businesses with bad credit. We consider factors beyond credit score, such as business revenue and the overall health of the business. In the next sections we will tell you more about how to get small business loans with bad credit.

Pros and cons of bad credit business loans

Small business loans for bad credit can be a valuable lifeline for entrepreneurs who are struggling to find financing for their businesses. But we will answer the question of how to get a loan in the next section. However, it's important to weigh the pros and cons of taking on debt with a bad credit score.

  • Access to financing: If you have bad credit, traditional lenders may not be willing to extend you a loan. However, with bad credit small business loans, you can still secure funding for your business.

  • Opportunity to rebuild credit: By making timely payments on your loan, you can start to rebuild your credit score. This can help you qualify for better loan terms and lower interest rates in the future.

  • Flexibility: There are many types of bad credit business loans available, each with their own set of terms and requirements. This means that you can find a loan that fits your unique needs and circumstances.

  • Quick approval: Many bad credit business loans can be approved quickly, allowing you to access the funds you need in a timely manner.

  • Higher interest rates: Due to the higher risk associated with bad credit loans, interest rates can be much higher than with traditional loans.

  • Shorter repayment periods: Bad credit loans often come with shorter repayment periods, meaning you'll need to pay back the loan in a shorter amount of time.

How to get small business loans with bad credit

To qualify for a small business loan with bad credit, you will need to provide your business and personal financial information. Lenders will consider your business's revenue, cash flow, and profitability, along with your credit score. At Fundshop, we're here to guide you through the process of finding the right loan for you. We'll provide you with all of the necessary information, and work together to come up with an ideal solution for your individual situation.

The best choice is Fundshop

At Fundshop, we understand the challenges that entrepreneurs face when it comes to securing financing, especially when dealing with small business loans poor credit. We have created a selection of bad credit business loans that are designed to provide companies with the funds necessary to thrive and reach their goals. Our team provides personalized assistance during the whole loan process, from beginning to end, to guarantee you get the appropriate loan with ideal terms.

  • Quick and Easy Application Process: Our online application process is fast, easy, and secure. You can apply from anywhere and at any time, and get a decision within hours.

  • Multiple Loan Options: We offer a range of bad credit business loan options to meet the unique needs of your business. No matter if it's for the present or future, we've got the perfect loan for you - be it a loan for a limited period, a credit line, or equipment financing.

  • Competitive Rates and Terms: We have been working on the market for many years, which allowed us to scale and find our perfect rates. Our loans feature flexible repayment terms, low interest rates, and no hidden fees.

  • Personalized Support: Our team provides personalized support throughout the entire loan procedure to guarantee that you secure the resources you require to progress and triumph.

A low credit score doesn't need to be a deathblow to your small enterprise. Although it may restrict your financing alternatives, there are still loan providers who will collaborate with you and assist you to obtain the money you require to develop your business. It's important to do your research and carefully consider your options before choosing a bad credit business loan.

At Fundshop, we understand the unique challenges that come with seeking financing with bad credit. No matter your credit score, our broad selection of small business loan options are here to provide you with the financial support you need. Our knowledgeable team stands ready to help you through each step of the loan application process and find the perfect fit for your company.

Don't let poor credit scores stop you from advancing your business! Get ready to reach your next goal. Contact Fundshop today to learn more about our bad credit small business loans options and start your loan application.

Our Business Advance Process

At the end of the day, we want you to get the funding your business needs, and we want you to get those funds fast and under terms which you can thrive. We make the process pain-free and stress-free with minimal paperwork required. We’ll walk you through every step of the way, from application process to pay day.

Our practical process and reasonable rates give us the unique ability to get you the loan your company deserves up front. We stick around afterwards to provide you with a personalized game plan that maps out your future and meets your long term needs in the process.

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Can I get a business loan with bad credit?

Yes, you can get a business loan with bad credit. While traditional lenders may be hesitant to offer loans to those with poor credit, there are online and alternative lenders like Fundshop who specialize in bad credit business loans.

What credit score do I need to get a business loan?

The credit score required to get a business loan varies depending on the lender and loan type. However, most lenders prefer a credit score of at least 600. Fundshop considers factors beyond credit score, so we can help you even if your credit score is lower.

What can you do if you're denied a bad credit business loan?

If you've been denied a bad credit business loan, don't worry. At Fundshop, we understand that many small business owners have less-than-perfect credit scores, which is why we specialize in providing small business loans for bad credit. We consider each case individually and help entrepreneurs achieve their goals without regard to lack of funds. So do not hesitate to contact us - managers will help you go all the way to the necessary savings quickly and easily.

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Paul Weiss was excellent to work with. All went very smoothly and I would recommend him.

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Due to our current financial limitations we had trouble getting a loan for our business to help with new inventory, marketing, and payroll. But the crew at Fundshop negotiated a great loan which will help us build business credit and allow us to attain more flexibility in the future. Thanks All!

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Fundshop did an excellent job in providing the information needed to complete the loan application and follow up. They were there every step to provide information and status of the loan which I received in record time. I have referred Fundshop to several people in past few days and will continue to refer them and work with them in the future

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Good service!

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