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We want you to get the funding your business needs. With minimal paperwork required, we can ensure you a stress free process that starts right here.

Not only will you be given the loan your company deserves up front, but our highly trained representatives will also map out a game plan that better suits your long term needs as well!

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Fundshop is here to execute your needs accordingly.

We strive to offer the lowest rates commercially available outside of the banks along with flexible payment options to help your business grow.

Unlike some other companies out there, we accept all industries and no collateral required! We do not monitor the money, and you can use it as you see fit for your business.



Which one of our programs is the best fit?

Lines Of Credit

Are you not sure how much you need? See what you will qualify for on a “take as you need it” basis so you can fulfill any opportunity that arises at any time!

Poor Credit Financing

Credit can be a sore subject for most business owners. You aren’t alone! Fundshop can deliver funding for any situation. Bankruptcies, sub-500 FICO scores, and tax liens are things that will make most funding companies push you away and leave you stressed. We say YES when they say NO!

Bank Only Program

Our “Bank Only” ACH Funding program means that you can get funded without a merchant account. Most merchant cash advance and business funding companies require that you accept credit cards in order to obtain a loan. We base our approval on your gross deposits into your business checking account and give you a payment that leaves your business operating at maximum capacity.

Our process is quick and simple:

Apply for funding

Complete some basic information about your business.

Receive approval

You will be given an array of loan proposals at no cost or obligation.

Wire funds

We wire the funds into your account same day.


What our clients say about us

Edmund Cordell
Delivery and Transportation
We are doing great now and couldn’t have done it without your help! Thank you fundshop team!

What our clients say about us

Mellissa Olivero
Restaurant Owner
Fundshop is the #1 stop! I felt like I hit rock bottom when my business was failing. I am SO glad I called. They helped me get out of a pickle I never saw coming and was able to pay my employees AND save my business. Thank you so much!

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