Business Advance Funding

Business advances aren’t always the first choice for a business owner, however, it is a fast and easy way to secure funds. Fundshop offers customized industry-specific loans that help drive your business to new heights, never hindering your growth.

We do that by offering the most competitive business finance advance rates – all without holding collateral! Our process makes it easier and faster than ever for you to get your business advance now. We work with businesses of a wide variety of sizes — small businesses and large businesses alike.

Business cash advances (also called account receivables factoring and merchant cash advances) give businesses money in return for a reasonable percentage of future credit card sales. Business advances are not considered loans.

The Fundshop Distinction

We believe that every small business should get the opportunity to shine on a brighter stage, so we custom-tailor our business advance loans approach to suit the unique needs of each individual business.

We utilize a combination of data points in order to instantly provide you with optimum loan proposals. We offer competitive rates and payment terms you can not only live with, but will keep your company productive. There’s no obligation and no cost when you apply. We believe that, just because you need a business advance, that doesn’t mean that the process and the rate should hobble your day-to-day operations.

Our Business Advance Process

At the end of the day, we want you to get the funding your business needs, and we want you to get those funds fast and under terms which you can thrive. We make the process pain-free and stress-free with minimal paperwork required. We’ll walk you through every step of the way, from application process to pay day.

Our practical process and reasonable rates give us the unique ability to get you the loan your company deserves up front. We stick around afterwards to provide you with a personalized game plan that maps out your future and meets your long term needs in the process.

Even if You Have Poor Credit, We’ll Get You Financed

We know that credit can often be a difficult subject for more than a few business owners. Instead of turning customers away, Fundshop can deliver funding for just about any situation. Bankruptcies, sub-500 FICO scores, and tax liens are all obstacles we can traverse. We have a proven and effective way of getting to yes. As a matter of fact, Fundship says YES when our competitors say NO!

Contact Fundshop today to get started. Our process is easy. You apply pain-free, we set you up with multiple loan proposals that suit your distinct needs at no cost and no obligation to you, then we wire you your money to launch your business to new heights. It’s really that easy.


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