Commercial Business Loans

Businesses of any scale rely on access to capital to drive growth and even fund many day-to-day operations that other more established businesses might take for granted.

Fundshop Commercial Business Loans

Small businesses often take out commercial business loans and do it for a wide variety of reasons. A commercial business loan (or small business financing) can be used to gain access to necessary capital to fuel new change. Of course, small commercial loans will differ from the type of loan a large company might use, differing in scale, but access to this capital is equally important for any business that intends to maintain relevance.

Here at Fundshop, we make the process fast and easy, ensuring that you get what your business deserves in a timely manner, faster than banks, which are never known for their speedy return rate.

Reasons why businesses consider small commercial loans include:

  • To Expand Operations

Commercial business loans are often used to purchase real estate and expand operations, or to renovate old facilities in order to usher in an exciting new chapter.

  • To Purchase New Equipment/Tooling/Machinery

Businesses can either purchase equipment outright or lease it, but often taking out a commercial loan gives you the ability to set your business up for the future with cutting-edge upgrades.

  • To Buy Inventory or Increase Working Capital

This might mean taking out a loan to purchase inventory that will help you prepare for your busiest season, or money that you can use for day-to-day operations in order to help your business get off the ground and grow.

Loans with Minimal Paperwork

Fundshop is here to help facilitate your commercial loan process and execute your needs accordingly. We strive to offer the lowest rates and provide industry best practices each day we’re in operation in our efforts to help our customers grow their businesses. We provide competitive alternatives outside of banks and offer flexible payment plans that help set your business up for the future!

There’s no collateral required, either.

Fundshop does not monitor the money from our commercial business loans. We provide you with the lowest commercial loan rates while also trusting you to use your funds as you see fit for your business. After all, who knows better than you when it comes to your business?

Our Process is Easy!

First, you apply for your funding! We’ll have you complete a simple application process where you’ll provide basic information about your business. It’s fast, easy, and in most cases, we don’t need to run your credit during the process.

Second, you get your approval! We give you a wide range of loan proposals (at no cost or obligation to you, of course) to choose from.

Then you get your funds! We wire your funds into your account (most of the time on the same day).

Give Fundshop a Try

We offer Poor Credit Financing because we know that credit can sometimes be a sore subject for business owners at certain stages in the game. Just know that you’re not alone.

Fundshop offers and delivers funding for just about any situation. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been through a bankruptcy, or if you have a sub-500 FICO score, or even if you have tax liens – all those items that raise an eyebrow with banks we see as an opportunity to help.

Contact Fundshop today for fast approvals, no collateral, same-day funding, hassle-free commercial business loans.


What our clients are saying on

  • Vincent Iocovozzi
    Vincent Iocovozzi
    Paul Weiss was excellent to work with. All went very smoothly and I would recommend him.
  • James Amico
    James Amico
    After doing business with a different lending company I decided to give that company a try with a renewal loan, instead I was sold a bed of roses and given thorns, so back to the Google drawing board I went......and this led me to Ryan @ FundShop. It was a pleasure to be doing business with a fellow NY'er and company I found to be very genuine. I would recommend FundShop to any Small Business owner looking to expand their business, I can't wait to try out their renewal programs.
  • Brody York
    Brody York
    It was a pleasure working with Brandon. He is very knowledgeable and willing to help. They have a little more stipulations than other companies I worked with in the past but we were able to provide everything they needed and were funded the next morning.
  • Michael Stolz
    Michael Stolz
    I normally do not review companies because generally I do not notice anything above and beyond in the service, but dealing with this company has been a complete delight. Fundshop has a very professional and upfront attitude which is something you normally do not experience when dealing with these types of companies. When you are someone who works in the field of getting things done its nice to work with a company who shares that same mentality and integrates very will in what you are trying to accomplish. 5 out of 5 stars for this amazing company! I will continue to do business with them in the future and am looking forward to developing and strengthening our relationship.
  • Brittany

    CJ helped me get the loan nobody else was able to approve due to my drop in revenue. He was extremely thorough, professional, and made sure I was getting the loan that was perfect for me. I'll never go anywhere else. Great job!

  • Anne Hauer
    Anne Hauer
    They were excellent. My credit was not great. They got me the money I needed in a few days. No hassles.
  • Vic Kerley
    Vic Kerley
    Easy to deal with min paper work did what they said they do look forward possibly in the future. Using them again see how things go.
  • Andrea DiCarlo
    Andrea DiCarlo

    Fast and easy in every phase of the transaction I highly recommend.

  • Sade Abolarin
    Sade Abolarin
    Stress-free process. Warm & friendly contacts. I’ll recommend this company to any business that has no access to financial help especially from all “these banks” who are quick to use your money without thinking of how to make you grow!!! Thanks.
  • Jonathan Volinsky
    Jonathan Volinsky
    Chris did a terrific job: very attentive and invested in my success. Much appreciated and thankful
  • Luis Alvarez
    Luis Alvarez
    It was a very good experience, Because I am only 1 year on business and they help me to get a loan pretty quickly.
  • Jimmie Gibson
    Jimmie Gibson
    Michael has done multiple funding projects for us and has always been thorough and got the job done!
  • NAS
    Chris and his entire team was very helpful and explained everything to make sure I understood exactly what I was receiving from him and his company. Thanks Chris so happy that you were able to help me expand my business.
  • Kris Demelo
    Kris Demelo
    This has been a very good transaction!! This is my second time using this company and I have to say that Ryan made it very easy and was very responsive both times and he did all of the leg work!! I have had a lot of other companies that were trying to fund me but I went back to you!! Thank you and thanks to Ryan for being so easy to work with and making everything work!!!
  • Steve Anderson
    Steve Anderson
    We worked with Ryan, he was very professional and took the time to fully understand our needs and then presented several options that would work for us. He also helped point out the good and the bad of each option, so I could make the best dissension. He was not pushy, but kept in touch just enough to make sure the project was on track. What I thought was going to be a painful process went smoothly and easily with Ryan's help.
  • Ryan Heafy
    Ryan Heafy
    A big thank you to Fundshop's Chris K. who helped our business secure bridge funding on a short timeline. The customer service and follow up from start to finish was excellent. Chris effectively shopped us the best terms and delivered exactly what we needed. We couldn't have asked for a better experience, and are excited bout the ability to continue the growth of our company with the funds received. Thanks to Chris and the Fundshop team.
  • Kelly
    Exceptional customer service Chris K. Stays attentive during the whole process! Wouldn’t go anywhere else thanks again for helping my company secure the money it needed!
  • Joanna Daniels
    Joanna Daniels
    You never know what you might come across with a random internet search for "business funding options" however I was pleasantly surprised to have found Fundshop. Communication with Chris and Paul was prompt, clear and as transparent as it comes. The whole process took far less time than we anticipated and we couldn't have been happier from start to finish. This is a top notch company to work with.
  • Murphy Engineering
    Murphy Engineering
    Fundshop is the way to go!! Chris Kenul at Fundshop is very knowledgeable about different kinds of funding available for your unique situation. He really made it fast and easier than I expected. Excellent service!
  • Furon Saunders
    Furon Saunders
    Chris Kneull is the best sales rep ever I cant think you enough for your help. This was the best thing I have ever chosen do.
  • Cami Hester
    Cami Hester

    Quick & Easy! Daniel was great to work with and he made things as smooth as silk! Thank you!

  • Natt Stevens
    Natt Stevens
    I don't leave many good reviews, maybe my first one. So please take the time to read this. Chris Kenul worked with me on a plan to get a SBA Loan in the near future. My business does steady 2 Million a year but we never borrow so we don't have much business credit. So with a year of bank statements and decent personal fico score we qualified for an instant 250K. Since we didn't it all , we took only 125K and approved a credit line of 150K. This way instead of paying interest now, we can use it when needed. He is not like most lenders that push you to borrow what you don't need. My next review will be when we get the SBA Loan. Sincerely, Natt Stevens
  • Cynthia B.
    Cynthia B.
    If you need a business loan for your company, these guys know what they are doing! They funded me in under 48 hours even with COVID19 going on. I received the PPP funds as well through one of their partners. I don't normally write reviews but Fundshop deserves it!

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